Labotek Insulated

Labotek Insulated 

Labotek’s Drying Hopper Series Integration

Labotek’s Drying Hopper (DH) series seamlessly complements the DFD series, offering a diverse range of hopper sizes from 15 to 12000 litres. These hoppers are easily connected to DFD units, boasting stainless steel interiors, individual temperature control, and options for mezzanine installation. DH controllers support Labotek Energy Saving System (LESS) and Air Flow Regulation System (AFRS), ensuring energy-efficient and precisely controlled drying processes.


Efficient Design for Plastic Raw Material Processing

Labotek’s Drying Hopper (DH) is purpose-built for efficient plastic raw material processing with a standard temperature range of 60-100°C. The stainless steel inner hopper, equipped with a sight glass, guarantees quality control. The outer hopper covering is made of aluminum, and the cylinder- and cone area are insulated with a 75mm layer. The DH is stationary, featuring an airtight pipe system connecting it to the drying unit. Safety measures include individual overheat and safety thermostats with an alarm lamp, as well as individual heating elements controlled by solid-state relays. The lid is compatible with mounting SVR vacuum receivers.


Standard Features and Control Options

The DH1200-10000 series comes with standard features including a frame, access door, and one manual for user-friendly operation. The standard colors are RAL 7016 for the frame and RAL 9007 for the hopper. For control options, Labotek provides an Industry version with temperature regulation through a separate regulator in the controller box, along with control for SVR vacuum receivers. Alternatively, the APC version offers temperature regulation with a separate regulator and a connection for SVR vacuum receivers, enabling centralized control. These control features significantly enhance the adaptability and efficiency of the drying process.