Labotek Mini-Feed 15-120

Labotek Mini-Feed 15- 120


Efficient Material Conveyance with Labotek’s Mini-Feed Series

Mini-Feed Series: Single Phase Hopper Loader

The Mini-Feed Series offers a range of single-phase hopper loaders designed for vacuum conveying of free-flowing granules. Newly introduced is the brushless option, providing enhanced efficiency and durability. These loaders are ideal for automatic conveyance of granule-formed raw materials with a minimum grain size of 3 mm. The compact stainless steel design makes them suitable for mounting on minor and medium-sized production units, emphasizing weight and size considerations.


Key Features of Mini-Feed Series

The Mini-Feed series is known for its compact and functional design, making it easy to clean and maintain. It offers conveyance capacities ranging from 15 to 120 kg/h with a low noise level below 69 dB. The loaders come equipped with alarms for material shortage and feature all material contact points in stainless steel (AISI 304). Optional features include a proportioning valve and up to 3 years of warranty (excluding wear parts).


Control and Operation

Mini-Feed loaders are operated via a microprocessor control unit, displaying the operating status and using user-friendly control symbols. They offer three standard conveying programs:


  • P1: Standard conveyance with timed cycles
  • P2: Conveyance from grinder with adjustable intervals
  • P3: Conveyance with optional proportioning valve for blending materials


These loaders also feature alarms for excess motor temperature and conveying errors, ensuring safe and efficient operation. The capacities listed are based on specific conveying conditions and materials, providing guidelines for performance under typical usage scenarios. Dimensions and technical data are standardized across the Mini-Feed models, offering consistent performance and compatibility with various processing setups.