Labotek Con-Evator SVR75-200


Labotek Con-Evator SVR Series: Streamlined Material Conveyance

Labotek’s Con-Evator SVR Series revolutionises material conveyance with its stainless steel vacuum hopper loaders, tailored for free-flowing plastic granules and powders. Ranging from 4 to 200 litres, these loaders offer adaptable configurations, paired with separate vacuum blowers and user-friendly microprocessor control.

Key Features

Featuring lightweight stainless steel (AISI 304) design, LED status panel, and 3-phase side channel blowers, the Con-Evator Series ensures nonstop operation. With automatic filter cleaning and no special training required, Labotek provides a 3-year warranty (excluding wear parts) and options like a proportioning valve. The vacuum blowers maintain a gentle polymer conveyance with minimal airspeed.

Technical Specifications

Labotek’s Con-Evator includes a user-friendly microprocessor control and pneumatic blowback valve for efficient filter cleaning. Supporting various filter options, modular vacuum receivers, and bottom flap monitoring, this series is a durable and adaptable solution for industrial material handling.