Labotek Con-Evator Powder


Labotek SVR Powder Series: Optimal Powder Conveyance

The Labotek Con-Evator SVR Powder Series introduces a cutting-edge solution for conveying free-flowing powder materials. This unique series features stainless steel vacuum receivers ranging from 50 to 200 litres, seamlessly integrated with separate vacuum blowers and advanced microprocessor control.


Key Features

Labotek prioritises efficiency with a lightweight stainless steel vacuum receiver (AISI 304), microprocessor control with an LED status panel, and 3-phase side channel blowers designed for continuous operation. Enjoy hassle-free operation, thanks to standard automatic filter cleaning through a distinctive compressed air cleaning system. The series comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty (excluding wear parts).


Conveyance Capacities

Conveying capacities are meticulously tested at Labotek A/S, showcasing the series’ reliability in a metal piping system with a vertical conveying distance of 5 meters and a maximum 3 meters of antistatic hose. The series supports a range of powder materials with diverse characteristics, making it a versatile choice for industrial applications.


Explore Labotek’s SVR Powder Series for a dependable, adaptable, and efficient solution in powder material conveyance.