Labotek Con-Evator Powder


Labotek SVR Powder Series: Optimal Powder Conveyance

Labotek Con-Evator SVR – Powder: Vacuum Hopper Loaders

The Labotek Con-Evator SVR Powder series offers stainless steel vacuum hopper loaders designed specifically for conveying free-flowing powder materials. Available in sizes ranging from 50 to 200 liters, these loaders feature separate vacuum blowers and microprocessor controls for efficient operation. Key features include lightweight stainless steel construction, microprocessor control with LED status panel, and three-phase side channel blowers suitable for continuous operation.


Features and Specifications

Labotek’s Con-Evator series for powder is equipped with automatic filter cleaning using a unique compressed air system, ensuring consistent performance and ease of operation. The loaders are designed for simple operation without requiring special training. They come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty (excluding wear parts) and are ideal for conveying capacities under specified conditions, including conveying distances, granule size, and material bulk density.


Shipping Information and Dimensions

The SVR Powder loaders are available in various configurations, each optimized for specific conveying capacities and operational needs. Shipping information includes net and gross weights, as well as dimensions for each model, ensuring compatibility with different processing setups. The loaders are designed with standardized dimensions and performance characteristics, offering reliability and efficiency in conveying powder materials.


Explore Labotek’s SVR Powder Series for a dependable, adaptable, and efficient solution in powder material conveyance.