Labotek Labo-Net


Labo-Net Series: Total Materials Handling Control

Labotek’s Labo-Net series provides comprehensive control for materials handling, featuring a 12” touch screen interface for automated drying and conveying of raw materials. Supplied in a wall-mounted cabinet, Labo-Net seamlessly integrates Labotek Energy Saving Systems (LESS) and frequency-controlled vacuum stations, offering unmatched flexibility with up to 93 stations and personalized descriptive texts. The system includes a comprehensive 3-year warranty and internet connectivity for remote access.


Labo-Net excels in drying control, managing up to 40 Drying Hopper Stations (DH) and three Desiccant Flex Dryers (DFD). It ensures energy-efficient air circulation through Labotek’s Energy Saving System (LESS) and Air Flow Regulation System (AFRS), contributing to substantial energy savings.


Labo-Net controls up to 93 vacuum receivers and five vacuum stations, offering precise adjustments for suction and airspeed frequency. With built-in control of suction address, it ensures a safe and self-cleaning conveying cycle. The frequency controller allows individual airspeed settings, promoting energy savings through frequency inverters. Labo-Net also supports proportioning valves for introducing multiple materials to vacuum receivers.