Labotek RS2000


Labotek RS 2000: Precision Proportioning for Hopper Loaders

Labotek’s Ratio-Selector RS 2000 emerges as a top-tier, adjustable, 2-way proportioning valve designed for hopper loaders. This innovative valve facilitates proportional mixing of materials, offering an easily mountable solution for hopper loader systems. The RS 2000 stands out for its adjustable suction time and straightforward mixing technique, making it ideal for efficient regrind utilisation.


Key Features

Equipped with a mixing valve and a user-friendly control panel, the RS 2000 ensures precise material blending. The standard equipment includes a material inlet with a diameter of 50 mm, and optional accessories like stainless steel suction probes further enhance its versatility. The RS 2000 caters to specific requirements with variants tailored for Mini-Feed 15-30-60 and PGT/SVR systems.