Maguire 4088

The Maguire 4088 Controller is the world’s most intuitive blender controller.

Maguire introduces the advanced 4088 controller, featuring a removable touchscreen interface with embedded conveying software for efficient material loading into blenders. The 4088 FlexBus Lite enhances control capabilities, providing options for both standard and touchscreen controllers. Maguire controllers are interchangeable and backward compatible, allowing easy upgrades and seamless support. With nearly 60,000 units deployed globally, these controllers offer robust, user-friendly features, including digital thumbwheel controls, multilingual displays, and enhanced data processing capabilities. The 4088 ensures improved dosing and blending control across various applications.


Maguire’s controllers, with generations spanning from 2009 to the present, maintain interchangeability and backward compatibility. The 4088 standard controller boasts robust functionality, including thumbwheel or touchscreen controls, integrated loading control, and superior data processing capabilities. Its retrofit capability ensures easy upgrades for existing systems. With Maguire’s commitment to innovation and versatility, these controllers optimise dosing and blending control, providing a reliable solution across diverse applications.