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Fleming’s “Polymer Drying Laboratory” is now open. We invite you to utilise this facility to analyse and verify your polymers’ drying requirements.


As polymers become more technically demanding, proper analysis and correct dryer selection are crucial to protect your product’s physical properties while ensuring minimal energy consumption. If you have concerns about moisture, product splay, cloudy preforms, or if you wish to compare the latest energy-efficient drying solutions against your traditional dryers’ energy consumption, please contact us.

Fleming is partnered with two global leaders in drying technology: Labotek, specialising in advanced desiccant technology, and Maguire, featuring innovative vacuum technology. Our “Polymer Drying Laboratory” is now open, offering a state-of-the-art facility to analyse and verify your polymers’ drying requirements. Reach out to us to take advantage of this resource and ensure your drying processes are optimised for efficiency and performance.

Drying Lab

Drying Lab

We now offer a comprehensive drying analysis service to confirm the final ppm and the energy consumption in kW/kg/h required to achieve it. Each test requires a minimum of 25 kg of your material, which we will return to you upon completion. The analysis takes 1-2 days to complete.