Industrial Frigo GFA

Industrial Frigo GFA

Industrial Frigo’s air-cooled water chiller are Fleming’s most popular chillers.


Cutting-Edge GFA Series Water Cooling Units

The GFA series, representing Industrial Frigo’s commitment to excellence, offers air-condensed monobloc water cooling units. These units are highly versatile, available with built-in tanks or external reservoirs for modular use. Designed for diverse industrial applications such as plastic processing, die-casting, and more, the GFA series ensures efficiency and adaptability. Its technical features include high-efficiency scroll compressors, finned condensers, and advanced pump systems.


Customisation and Advanced Accessories for Optimal Performance

Industrial Frigo’s water cooling units boast versatility with different versions for maximum flexibility, including customisable water pumps and special voltage options. The inclusion of axial and centrifugal fans, a user-friendly PLC controller, and a variety of optionals like glycol fillers, softeners, and water treatment units further enhance the adaptability and functionality of these systems. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous pursuit of cutting-edge solutions.



28kW to 1500kW – Air cooled Water Chiller

Refrigerant R134a for ambient environments up to +53°C | C Model with internal pressurised tank and pump | V Model without tank used with external tanks | Energy efficient | Environmentally friendly | Plug-n-play installation.



  • 30 – 970 kW
  • Suitable for cooling plastics and rubber working machines, die-casting machines, plating plants, ceramic presses and other industrial processes
  • User friendly PLC controller
  • Axial Fans
  • High efficiency pump