Industrial Frigo Sire

Industrial Frigo Adiabatic Cooling system. Sire Model

Industrial Frigo Sire

Industrial Frigo’s air-cooled water chiller are Fleming’s most popular chillers.


The SIRE is a sophisticated single-temperature process water cooling system designed to operate in a wide temperature range. Offering fully automatic freecooling, it ensures efficiency in various ambient temperatures. Available in water-cooled versions, the SIRE combines a Free Cooling system, providing high refrigeration cycle performance and cost-effective cold water production with substantial energy savings.


The SIRE features high-efficiency scroll compressors, independent circuits for continuous operation, and heat exchangers with dry capacity for effective cooling. Additional options include low-noise axial fans, customisable water pumps, and special voltage choices. The modular design accommodates different versions for flexibility, while optional features like automatic free cooling kits and user-friendly PLC controllers enhance operational efficiency. Industrial Frigo’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability positions it as a prominent player in the refrigeration industry, offering a range of solutions tailored to diverse application areas.



  • Automatic built-in free cooling
  • Can work with ambient temperature from + 45°C to -25 °C
  • Axial fans provide considerable reduction in sound pressure
  • Double pump