Industrial Frigo BRW

An adiabatic cooling unit by Industrial Frigo. BRW model.

Industrial Frigo BRW

Industrial Frigo’s air-cooled water chiller are Fleming’s most popular chillers.


The BRW series dry coolers by Industrial Frigo offer pressurised closed-circuit refrigeration systems, efficiently dissipating heat generated in various production processes. These units, equipped with electronic fans and advanced technology, ensure optimal energy consumption. The BRW dry cooler is available in different versions, including standard, adiabatic, and enthalpy kit options, catering to diverse operational needs. The system’s high-performance features contribute to its position as a top choice in the market.


Additionally, Industrial Frigo provides a range of optional features and accessories to enhance the functionality and efficiency of their cooling systems. These include low-noise axial fans, enthalpy kits for humidity management, customised water pumps, and various control options. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its offering of tailored solutions, special voltage options, and accessories such as remote panels, glycol fillers, softeners, and water treatment units.



  • 90 – 1000kW
  • Composed by a heat exchange coil, a hydraulic circuit complete with pump, axial fans and control panel
  • Designed for refrigeration systems in pressurised closed circuit