Labotek Mini-Feed 120-160


Efficient Material Conveyance with Labotek’s Mini-Feed Series

Labotek’s Mini-Feed Series revolutionises material conveyance for small to medium-sized production units. Crafted with a compact stainless steel design, these loaders efficiently handle 15 to 120 kg/h of free-flowing granules, making them ideal for diverse industrial applications.


Key Features

The Mini-Feed series boasts a range of features, including a gravimetric filter for effective cleaning, low noise levels (<69 dB), and an alarm function for material shortages. The loaders are constructed with stainless steel (AISI 304) at all material contact points, ensuring durability and a long lifetime. Labotek stands behind the reliability of Mini-Feed with a 3-year warranty, excluding wear parts, providing users with confidence in their investment.


Technical Specifications

The technical details for Mini-Feed models (15, 30, 60, and 120 BL) are meticulously outlined, covering power consumption, compressed air connection, capacity, noise levels, and more. These loaders are equipped with a user-friendly microprocessor control unit, offering standard conveying programs for various production needs.


Customisation Options

Labotek understands the need for versatility in material treatment. Mini-Feed loaders are prepared for optional features, allowing users to tailor their systems for optimal performance based on specific processing requirements.